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Ethical Investing

Scott Fyffe Wealth Management are committed to investments that match the personal moral compasses of our investors, and it has been exceptionally pleasing to see these forms of investment increase in popularity in recent years. In the past, far too many people saw their hard-earned money being used to fund a whole raft of irresponsible causes, but ethical investing has become part of the mainstream now, and we’re more than willing to continue that trend.

Recently, a client came to us seeking advice about income protection, and as often happens with us a general chat about a specific issue turned into a more lengthy conversation about other, equally important, matters. The subject of retirement planning came up, and it became evident that the client, who is self-employed, hadn’t yet started to save money into a pension pot. Our clients often have a diverse range of goals for their retirement, and this individual had dreams of travelling the world and eventually buying a smallholding.

We talked about a series of investment opportunities that are currently on the market, and he, like many others, asked about putting his money into ethical investment vehicles. There are of course a number of socially responsible initiatives these days, including organisations which are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, increasing health and safety, building stronger ties with communities, sustainable farming, cleaner water, cheaper pharmaceuticals and more.

After careful consideration, our client opted to use his investments to help sustainable environmental projects, reflecting his commitment to helping the planet. Like many other clients, he was also keen to avoid companies involved in more negative industries such as armaments, tobacco, gambling and intensive farming. It is reassuring to know these days that both personal and business investments can be used for the greater good without reducing the overall risk to the investor.

We were able to create a plan for our client that helped to secure an improved financial future and made their overall goals more achievable, and at the same time benefited those causes that they thought passionately about. Even those individuals who have thought long and hard about their financial security during their retirement can benefit from some input from experienced specialists, especially as relevant products and services are often changing. Retirement planning, like so many other money matters, requires constant monitoring and regular reviewing.

More and more people and businesses are looking to make investments with an ethical leaning, and we at Scott Fyffe Wealth Management are always keen to encourage this. We recognise that every client is a unique individual and will have their own views on what causes and strategies are closest to their hearts. To find out more about helping the world around you and still investing wisely, all you have to do is call the Scott Fyffe team on 01382 721 191. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

*The case study on this page is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute advice.

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