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These days, many people want to do more than just invest their money in the hope of making it grow. They also want to see their money being used in ways that improve the world, that give something back to the communities and that help in the fight against climate change. It’s often no longer enough to just have a portfolio; it’s got to be a portfolio that means something. Depending on the moral compass of the individual or the business that’s doing the investing, there will be financial vehicles that support initiatives that will be seen to ‘do the right thing’.

Here at Scott Fyffe Wealth Management, we’ve helped a great many people and organisations to invest in sustainable projects that have also enabled investments to increase. There was perhaps a time when ethical investing was seen as a little more of a gamble than other types, but nowadays it’s regarded as a genuine option that brings with it plenty of opportunity for potential growth. Put simply, this is no longer seen as a gamble that preys on the goodwill of the investor.

Whether you’re looking to invest a small amount on a monthly basis or a sizable annual sum, we can point your money towards a range of exceptional companies that are looking to encourage sustainable production methods, energy usage, ecological improvement and renewable crops. And when the investments have been made, we’ll constantly monitor your portfolio to make sure it’s operating to the very best of its ability. And you can also specify the levels of risk that you’re prepared to take, bringing the potential for further growth should you wish.

As well as finding companies that will reflect your personal ethics, we can also make sure you avoid investments in any industries and organisations that you wish to avoid. These could include armaments manufacturers, tobacco companies and gambling firms, as well as those who have poor records in regard to human rights, community relations, intensive farming, deforestation, energy consumption, pollution, health and safety and many more. As always, we listen to your personal convictions and do all we can to invest your money where you want it to be invested.

To find out more about our products and services, and how together we can take steps to improve the world around us, just fill in the form on the Contact page or call the team today on 01382 721 191. We’re looking forward to hearing your views, and to helping you make the right decisions.

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Without compromising your principles

A Better Tomorrow Is Waiting

Working for both you and future generations


After many decades of damage to the planet and its resources, the world is finally waking up to the need to create a sustainable future. ESG investments offer a holistic approach, bringing you, the investor, an opportunity to be part of a better tomorrow for us and future generations, one that reflects the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Now, more than ever, it’s finally time to act.


Effective ecological investments must positively affect the local, national, and global stages. ESG investing aims to offer a pathway to potential financial growth while slowing and eventually stopping the disastrous impact of climate change. Identifying those companies that work for the greater good yet still produce attractive returns is a must for sustained betterment.


There’s more to disruptive innovation than figures at the bottom of a balance sheet. Newly created disruptive technologies can change how we all live and make the current status quo a distant memory in no time. These initiatives will be significant future money-makers, generating high-value returns for sustained periods.

Social Responsible

Social responsibility and turning a profit are not mutually exclusive in the modern era. Investors can look for high-quality financial returns while supporting communities, reducing pollution, and encouraging renewable energy sources. Private investment in worthy strategies represents an excellent way to introduce fast-track improvements at home and worldwide.


The days when investors simply wanted greater and greater returns with no concern about impact are gradually disappearing. As well as wanting to turn a profit, they also want to know their money is making the world a better place. The most elective ESG investment teams work hard to monitor processes and measure successes of initiatives that mirror the aims of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Scott Fyffe Wealth Management Ltd are fully committed to the principles and practices of ethical investments. We work hand in hand with trusted partners to offer high quality investments in companies that support and encourage a wide range of initiatives that have a major impact on both local and international markets, communities and business sectors. To find out more, call the team today on 01382 721 191 or click below

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