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Boat, Speedboat & Yacht Insurance

High value items need high quality insurance, so it’s advisable to contact Scott Fyffe Wealth Management when you need a policy to cover your boat, speedboat or yacht. We offer a range of policy options designed to bring you the peace of mind that you need, and all for prices that could be more affordable than you thought. Whether your craft is at sea, on the river, in storage or outside your home, you’ll be reassured to know that every eventuality has been covered.

There are so many potential issues that can occur. Ask any seasoned boat owner and you’ll realise that unexpected and unpleasant eventualities can and do happen. They include damage to the hull of the craft or various mechanical parts due to collision with unseen objects below the water line. The overall cost of repairs that will be needed can be financially draining, so it’s always a good idea to choose a level of cover that brings you the protection you need.

Many policies include personal accident cover for the owner and, where appropriate, any other passengers. It’s not difficult to think what could happen in the event of a mishap at sea or out on the river, such as the craft capsizing or one of the passengers getting injured during inclement weather. If you face financial difficulties because you’re unable to work, a possible insurance payout could prove to be more than welcome.

You can specify the need for insurance cover for anyone engaged in water-sports  while in the boat or being towed by it. There are plenty of people who love to water-ski, of course, and while this is a hugely enjoyable pastime it does come with inherent dangers. As with all other aspects of cover, all you have to do is ask Scott Fyffe to include it in your policy.

We hear more and more stories about crime levels in all parts of the country, and of course boat owners are not immune from the harm caused by wrong-doers. Your boat could become damaged by vandals while it’s either moored up on the river or stationary outside your home, and there are always instances of boats being stolen to order by the criminal fraternity. Can you afford to lose your pride and joy without having the compensation offered by a good quality insurance policy?

In recent years, more and more of our clients have stressed a desire to invest in more ethical products, and we at Scott Fyffe Wealth Management are fully behind this trend towards a more principled approach to financial dealings. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to discuss your issues in this regard, and will point you towards policies that tick all the right boxes. Whether you want to encourage more environmental initiatives, for example, or perhaps ones that foster better community interactions, we can help to make it a reality.

Our team members work alongside skilled specialist partners to make sure your policy offers everything you want. To find out more about the best boat, speedboat and yacht insurance for your specific needs, just call Scott Fyffe Wealth Management on 01382 721 191. We hope to be talking with you soon about your individual requirements.

*Advice on marine insurance is available by referral only.

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