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Motor Fleets

For owners of several motor vehicles, or for businesses that require a number of cars for regular use, motor fleet insurance is a must. Whether you have six or six hundred cars, you’ll want to make sure each of them is insured against theft, criminal damage, accidental damage and a number of other potential eventualities. Trying to arrange adequate levels of insurance can sometimes be complicated, but the specialists at Scott Fyffe Wealth Management can take the burden from your shoulders in an instant.

With our help, you’ll be able to have a policy that provides all the protection you need and all the peace of mind you deserve. For private collectors, motor fleet insurance can cover all of your vehicles, whether they’re kept in a dedicated storage unit, parked at home or on the roadway. We work hand in hand with a range of insurance providers to bring you a policy that’s tailor-made for your cars, your locations and your requirements.

Of course, many businesses require specialist motor fleet insurance. This type of cover saves the operator the hassle of having to arrange an insurance policy for each individual vehicle, opting instead for blanket cover for all the cars in the fleet. In some cases, company owners can also include other vehicles in the policy, such as vans, lorries, fork lift trucks, excavators and motorcycles. As always, all you have to do is inform Scott Fyffe Wealth Management of your requirements and we’ll tailor your policy options to match.

Theft of cars is an all too common occurrence, no matter where you happen to be living. And in the case of high end vehicles organised thieves are becoming ever more determined to take what isn’t theirs. If you don’t have enough cover for the vehicles you own or operate, you can suffer severe financial losses should the worst scenario unfold. Therefore, it makes sound economic sense to do all you can to seek out a policy that provides the ultimate cover.

If you’re a collector and you’ve been insuring each of your vehicles separately, you might want to consider a single fleet policy when your collection has expanded sufficiently. You could be entitled to a group discount, and you can cut down on your admin by only having to deal with one renewal date. For those who are leading busy lives, any opportunity to reduce the paperwork is always very welcome.

Business owners with motor fleet insurance also find it convenient to have group cover that enables all employees to drive any car that’s included in the policy. It can be particularly frustrating at times to waste minutes and hours waiting for a specific car to become available because that particular employee isn’t insured to drive some of the others. As always, the team at Scott Fyffe Wealth Management will be on hand to explain the major and minor points of any potential policy option.

Here at Scott Fyffe Wealth Management, we can also offer financial products and investments that are in tune with your or your company’s ethical standards. A growing number of people are looking to make their money work for the common good, and we’d be only too happy to talk with you about your specific principles in this area. Whether you want to encourage sustainable energy, social responsibility, organic farming, human rights, community relations or just about anything else, all you have to do is tell us.

We work side by side with trusted partners who offer a knowledgeable approach in this often complex field. To find out more about our high quality motor fleet insurance, and to discuss your particular requirements, just call 01382 721 191 and have a chat with our friendly, helpful team.

*Advice on motor and marine insurance is available by referral only.

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