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Commercial Risks

The business world has become increasingly competitive over the years, and more and more companies have been doing all they can to remain buoyant and, ultimately, successful. It’s not easy to remain ahead of the game these days, but having cover against a number of potential risks will go a long way to providing the peace of mind that every owner needs. And if the right commercial risks insurance insurance is in place, they can then focus on other aspects of their organisation. It’s fair to assume that some businesses will be able to cover themselves with a general policy, but there are many more that will need far more than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Here at Scott Fyffe Wealth Management, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial risks insurance options, and we’re only too happy to provide bespoke policies that are created specifically to the needs of your business. Wherever your organisation is based, whatever sector of industry you operate in and however many employees you have, we supply the insurance cover you need for a price you can afford. Working hand in hand with trusted industry experts, we can offer individual solutions in an often complex market.

The extensive list of potential risks that can be insured against include time delays on major projects, falls in demand, financial difficulties caused by changes in international exchange rates, property damage, illness, death and so much more. The requirements of your particular company will depend on a number of factors, so we’ll talk you through your needs before offering tailor-made quotes designed with your issues in mind.

Your business may have other specific requirements, such as insurance against certain weather conditions, damage to equipment caused in transit or protection for ocean-going vessels. Commercial risks is a phrase that covers so many potential eventualities, but here at Scott Fyffe we know the business world and we know about the importance of treating every single client as an individual.

We are strong advocates of ethical investments in line with the moral convictions of our customers, so if you feel strongly about certain issues we’d be more than willing to work with you in this area. Avoiding contentious investments in companies that support deforestation, environmental damage, unsustainable energy sources, poor human rights and a disregard for health and safety is a major factor for many of our customers. As always, we will listen to your opinions and make sure your money is used for good rather than for harm. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Needless to say, we also offer top of the range insurance policies for valuable individual items such as motor fleets, high end performance cars, speedboats and yachts. When you as an individual or a company make a significant investment in anything, you need to know that more than adequate insurance is in place from the very beginning. Here at Scott Fyffe, all of your insurance needs are just a phone call away, so get in touch with our friendly team soon on 01382 721 191. We’re already looking forward to talking you through your options before offering you policy options that cover each and every one of your needs.

*Advice on motor and marine insurance is available by referral only.

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