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Landlord insurance

Whether you own a single buy to let property or you’re a commercial landlord with a sizable portfolio of homes, offices, retail outlets or business units for rent, you need to know that the investments you’ve made are safe and secure. The demands on owners have changed greatly over the years, but the principle of getting the highest possible revenue for the lowest possible running costs remains the same. And because of this, you need to find more than adequate insurance cover for more than affordable prices. Thankfully, this is where Scott Fyffe Wealth Management can help you.

We seek out the most appropriate cover specifically for your needs, bringing you a range of options that will tick all the right boxes. Wherever you’re based, whatever type of properties you have, our team of specialists is available right now to provide the cover you need for maximum peace of mind, leaving you time and space to focus on every other aspect of property management.

There could be a number of factors to be included in the type of insurance you need. The most obvious of these would be cover for the buildings themselves, of course, and the threat of damage from fire, flood and even theft. Content cover can include domestic and commercial appliances, furniture, fixtures, fittings and other valuable items. You can include protection against malicious damage caused by tenants, vandals, and passers-by, the loss of income from rents and the need to provide temporary accommodation in the event of loss or damage. Smaller issues such as damage to locks or the loss of keys can also be included.

Every one of our customers is an individual, of course, and will have their own individual requirements. If you have properties with very specific needs we’d be more than willing to include them, and to incorporate them into your policy. It may be that your property is more susceptible to flooding or subsidence, for example, or that it’s a commercial location which requires a higher level of public liability insurance. No matter how complex your required cover needs to be, we can and will help.

There are hundreds of potential eventualities that you as a landlord need to take into account, from tripping on a loose carpet or receiving an electric shock from a faulty appliance to casual vandalism by a disgruntled employee or theft of an expensive piece of furniture. If you don’t have adequate cover against the risks that your particular property faces, you could be gambling with a large sum of money. To be safe, it’s advisable to make sure the right cover is in place at all times.

Scott Fyffe Wealth Management will tailor a policy specifically for you. And it’s worth noting that a growing number of our customers have asked us to provide them with policies from companies whose ethical dealings are in line with the customer’s moral convictions. If you prefer your money to go to organisations that do more for their communities or the environment or human rights, for example, you only have to say. We’re committed to making the world a better place through investing in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, without compromising on the potential for financial growth.

This is a complex sector and it needs a very specialised approach to every individual client, so we work hand in hand with trusted partners to bring you the exact type of cover to match your particular circumstances. To find out more about our high quality landlord insurance, you only have to make a call to 01382 721 191. Our specialists are ready and waiting to speak with you, and to offer you policies that cover all of your bases.

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