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Commercial & Corporate insurance

Every business in every sector of industry faces daily risks that can have an effect on performance, reputation and profit. Risks can range from failure to fulfil a small order to a serious industrial accident and all points in between. Whatever your organisation happens to be doing, you need to know you have adequate commercial and corporate insurance in place at all times. Failure to do so could result in major legal complications, financially damaging fines and even personal prosecutions. If you’re not covered, or perhaps not sufficiently covered, you may be taking a chance that simply isn’t worth it.

The team at Scott Fyffe Wealth Management provide a range of insurance options that are designed to bring you and your company the optimum cover against all your relevant risks. We can assess the issues that are specific to your company and your industry before suggesting policies that will bring you the peace of mind you need to operate successfully.

We know that your organisation is unique, and as such will face a very individual set of risks throughout any given year. Risks are everywhere in business, whether it’s a construction site that didn’t follow the correct health and safety procedures, an accountancy practice that inadvertently breached a data protocol or a commercial landlord that didn’t provide adequate security measures. The potential for getting something wrong is inherent in every business, so professional cover is a must.

An increasing number of commercial organisations are looking for ways to use their money to help make a difference to the world around us, and we at Scott Fyffe Wealth Management are keen to encourage this. We offer financial products and investments that can help in a number of ways, including the provision of greener pesticides, more sustainable energy initiatives, healthcare options for communities at home and abroad, organic farming, more diversity in business and the reduction of carbon emissions.

We utilise the skills and knowledge of specialist partners from start to finish, bringing you options that cover all your needs. To find out more about our high quality commercial and corporate insurance, and to discuss your requirements in greater detail, you can use our online contact form or call 01382 721 191 to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members. We’re looking forward to finding out more from you.

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